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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

We have implemented a health and safety plan to protect both our clients and employees from unknowingly spreading the COVID-19 virus. This plan will comply with our state mandated safety measures and will be updated as needed. 


What we are doing to protect you and our staff

We currently have an opt in masking policy. You may request your cleaner to mask, and our cleaners may request clients to mask (while also being masked). If no mask request has been made, you may mask or not according to your preference. 

We are following a minimum of CDC Covid guidelines around isolation and quarantine. 


Our employees are provided with PPE including disposable gloves, washable aprons, and hand sanitizer. Only clean cloths and mop covers will be used at each house. 


We offer disinfecting of high touch surfaces with hydrogen peroxide on request. This disinfecting procedure is to help prevent the unknown spread of the virus. We will not be cleaning in homes with sick persons or known COVID-19 cases.


What we ask of you

Please make sure everyone in your household is informed of and able to follow these protocols. 


Contact us to cancel your cleaning if you or a household member is sick with Covid like symptoms or any contagious or potentially contagious virus, including but not limited to having a fever (temperature of 100.4° or higher), cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches or new loss of taste or smell. If anyone in your household has recently been exposed to or contracted Covid, please contact us before your next cleaning so that we can make sure an appropriate waiting time has been observed. 


We ask you to follow 1 of these 3 protocols, and let us know which one you feel will work best for your household. You can update us before each cleaning if you want to change your choice per cleaning. Please contact us in advance if none of these options work for you and your family, and we may be able to find an alternative solution.


  1. Remain out of the house during the cleaning.

  2. Isolate in one room/area of your house during the cleaning. If you also want that room/area cleaned, let us know in advance and your cleaner will clean that area first, before you isolate there. You may also isolate in a part of the house that you have us skip entirely. 

  3. If adults and older children in your home would like to freely move around your house during the cleaning, we are requiring those people to wear a face mask only if your cleaner has requested masking. Please maintain a 6 foot minimum distance and do not remain in the room your cleaner is working in. 


To further assist us with social distancing, we ask that you submit any special requests to us by email prior to the appointment or via a note left in plain view. If you have a request after your cleaner arrives, you can email us at and we will text your cleaner with your note. 

Thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to safely operate!

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