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What is a basic cleaning?   

A basic cleaning includes cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms as well as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping your whole house using our earth friendly products and high powered vacuum that filters down to .5 micron.  Garbage and recycle will be taken out on request as well as other housecleaning tasks.

Do you provide any cleaning specific to kill coronaviruses?

Yes -  3% Hydrogen Peroxide is approved by the CDC to deactivate the coronavirus and we are using it on request for high touch surfaces as a second step after cleaning those surfaces. These high touch surfaces include interior and exterior door knobs, kitchen and bathroom cabinet knobs, toilet levers, light switches, and sink faucets

What PPE do you provide to your employees?

All Angela's Cleaning employees are provided with disposable gloves, and body aprons on request. Safety glasses are provided when required for specific products. 

How long will my cleaning take?

The length of a cleaning depends on several factors such as house size, amount of build-up, and number of bathrooms.  If you let us know your approximate square footage and number of bathrooms we can provide an estimate.  It is a good idea to allow for extra time in the first cleaning to get rid of build-up.  Generally cleaning times vary between 2 and 6 hours and the most common cleaning time is 3.5 hours.

Do you clean windows?

While we are happy to clean a window or glass door here and there, we are not set up to do full house window cleaning.

What are your rates?   

Rates are by the hour. Please email an inquiry to to find out our current rates. We have a 2 hour minimum and supplies are included.


Do you provide benefits to your employees?

Yes, we are proud to offer some of the best benefits in our industry. Our benefits include a gold health insurance plan, a sick bank of hours in addition to PTO, a matching retirement plan, and paid mileage.

Are you licensed?   

Yes!  Angela’s Cleaning is licensed by the State of Washington, as well as the cities in which we operate.


Are you insured?  

Yes!  Angela’s Cleaning is insured.


What areas do you serve?   

We clean for Seattle, Shoreline, and Edmonds.  Other areas may be possible with an added commute fee.

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